Space-division Multiplexing for Snapshot Pattern Recognition, Polarimetric and Phase Quantitative Microscopy. Ariel Fernández.

By exploiting the redundancy derived from multi-view sensing of a sample, image capture with different pupil masks under a lenslet array allows for snapshot pattern recognition, Stokes parameters retrieval as well as phase quantitative microscopy.

Ariel Fernández is an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, and has been an Invited Researcher at the Department of Electrical & Computational Engineering, University of Connecticut, United States. He completed his BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Physics at Universidad de la República, Uruguay. He is a researcher level I at National Research System, Uruguay, and level 3 at Basic Science Development Program, Physics Area. He is also a member of OPTICA, SPIE, and Uruguayan Society of Physics. His research interests include processing of optical information in particular polarization, phase, and geometrical information in basic and technological applications, with a great interest in microscopy.

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