Recent Advances in 3D Visualization with Multifocus Sensing in Augmented Reality and Fluorescence Microscopy. Julia Alonso.

We overview our recent advances in multifocus sensing applied to 3D visualization when incorporated to augmented reality devices and fluorescence microscopy.

Julia Alonso is an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, and has been an Invited Researcher at the Department of Electrical & Computational Engineering, University of Connecticut, United States. She completed her BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Physics at Universidad de la República, Uruguay. She is a researcher level I at National Research System, Uruguay, and level 3 at Basic Science Development Program, Physics Area. She is also a member of OPTICA, SPIE, and Uruguayan Society of Physics.  She has received the best experimental PhD thesis award in Physics and Roberto Caldeyro Barcya award for her research in Physics. Her research interests include computational optical imaging, digital holography, augmented reality, and 3D microscopy. 

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